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Faculty Councils

Faculty Council as organizational unit consists of the academic staff from among the teachers, representatives of the assistants, senior assistants employed at the organizational unit, as well as student representatives. The council of organizational unit has particular authority to:

  • make decisions on all academic, scientific, artistic and professional issues, in accordance with its authority;
  • initiate and consider curricula and syllabi in all study cycles;
  • elect and relieve deans and vice-deans;
  • pass general acts of the organizational unit;
  • propose teaching curricula and syllabi for all cycles of studies;
  • propose to the board of governors internal organization and systematization of jobs within the organizational unit;
  • elect heads of departments;
  • propose to the university senate the program of scientific, research and artistic activities and the program of professional specialization of academic and other staff;
  • propose members of commissions for supervision of doctoral studies and earning doctoral titles;
  • propose members of commissions for supervision of all steps in earning titles of the second or third cycles of study;
  • consider requests and proposals regarding professional education of academic staff abroad;
  • verify the proposed number of students enrolling in the first year of all three cycles of studies;
  • decide on electives to be offered in a certain academic year, having obtained senate’s permission and having considered academic, spatial and financial capacities, as well as the number of students;  
  • verify academic calendar prior to the commencement of the academic year;
  • analyses the students’ ability to pass exams at the end of each semester and accordingly adopt measures towards the improvement of passing average at the end of the year;
  • analyses and estimate the results and quality of teaching within departments;
  • verify proposed measures for the improvement of teaching;
  • make decisions on students’ appeals pertaining to decisions made by deans concerning freezing of their rights and obligations; i.e. It decides on the rights and obligation of students, as the second authority;
  • perform other duties in accordance with the statue and other general acts;

Other issues relevant to the Faculty Council are regulated by the Statute (Article 70-73).