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Rector's Note

Rector's Note


Dear students,


International Burch University is approaching its one decade journey in higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  In such a short time, our university achieved so much that this achievement gives us great motivation and energy for future targets.  Institutionaly, our university has completed its accrediation processes and is recognized as the best private university in the country.  With its ten distinque departments, our university promises a great future for our students and the publics it serves in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Our world class education system is an outcome of the educational standards we maintain through our technical and community programs.  Our laboratories, centers, and classrooms are well equipped and set standards for high quality education in their respective faculty areas of engineering, economics, and languages and lingustics.  Furthermore, our teaching methods and extracurricular activities are designed in such a way that the same atmosphere is provided to our students as in the top higher education institutions in the world.

One of our strengths is in our approach to our students.  Our teaching staff puts extra effort to support student development in and out of classroom environment.  Students feel free to contact all university staff for their demands knowing that their requests will be taken care of with the best possible manner.  Our student mentorship program allows us to identify our students’ strengths and weaknesses so that we can work on them to prepare our students for the future.

Our university also offers a very dynamic university life.  Social programs give our students a chance to interact across cultures, which we see as a main ingredient of skill development for our students. Student clubs are very active in establishing connections among students and members of the society. One of our strengths is in our international academic network where students can participate short term and long term exchange activities.

International Burch University is also quickly developing its scientific prowess through research projects and community programs. These activities help us connect our university with different universities and publics around us.  We constantly establish cooperation with well qualified researchers in and out of the country to work on these joint projects.  

Currently, we spend our time and energy on three major academic initiatives.  These are “improving the quality of in-classroom teaching”, “supporting individual development of our students with mentorship programs” and “establishing sectoral connections that will help our students to find internships during their education and jobs after graduation”.  In addition, we are constantly improving our physical facilities.  We promise our students that they will receive their education in well designed learning environments. Moreover, through our mentorship program, we work with our students to develop their skills for their future success.  Our teaching staff support students’ individual talents.  For example, we develop strong sectoral relations with employers to provide our students with specific employment opportunities matching their strengths.  Our students can network with these companies through our “Career” and “Burch Business” centers.  In addition, students can receive individualized support from industry experts through our “Innovation” and “Incubation” centers acheiving their goal of turning ideas into registered companies.

As a final word, I have to say is that for all of us who work in our university, Burch is more than a job or career development. Burch is our passion, it is our motivation to establish connections with people, Burch is our dream that will bring change to this country. We strive for our dreams and we want our students feel the same way and to join us on this journey.

With all my respect.


Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman