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Jun 06, 2011

IBU Graduation Ceremony Class of 2011

International Burch University is proud of graduation ceremony of the first bachelor and masters’ student’s class of 2011, whose promotion was held on 3rd of June 2011. at university premises. This promotion, gave Bosnia and Herzegovina new generation of well-educated and professional young people who are prepared for future challenges.


Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology according to Bologna principles of higher education gave first graduates of three years long first cycle of studies. Of course, most of the students will continue their education in the field of chosen major, following the footsteps of master students presented at the promotion.



Beginning of the program was the addressing of university Rector, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem who summarized three years long work and studies. Rector expressed his satisfaction and emphasized that these young people are natural wealth and source for success of the country. After the Rectors speech, students presented their musical performances in Bosnian and Turkish languages.



In addition to the promotion of graduates and masters students, IT student Sabahudin Husic received an award from Prof. Dr. Padem, on the occasion bronze medal he won in international IT competition INFOmatrix held in Romania. Afterwards, names of professors who spent the past three years being a source of knowledge and support to all students were red and they came out to the stage. On behalf of professors, Prof. Dr. Meliha Handzic addressed to students, congratulating them and wishing all the success.


After the introduction part, main ceremony of awarding master and bachelor students’ certificates was performed. Certificates were presented:


- to master students by Assoc. Prof. Gunay Karli,

- to Management Department students by Assist. Prof.Dr. Ali Goksu,

- to IT Department students by Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdulhamit Subasi.

Students’ promotion program also included proclamation of Management Department and the Department of Information Technology, best 3 students, who received appropriate recognition and awards for their dedication and success during their studies.


After the ceremony, protocol guests, professors, graduate students and their families and many other participants and dear guests enjoyed cocktail and fireworks in the university courtyard.

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