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Graduation Ceremony 2014 held
Jun 14, 2014

Graduation Ceremony 2014 held

Graduation Ceremony of 2014 was held on Saturday, 14th of June at University campus, starting from 07:00pm. The Ceremony was attended by academic community of Burch University, students and their famillies, and honor guests, Prof. Dr. Enver Halilović, Rector of the University of Tuzla and Senaid Memić, Major of the Ilidža Municipality.

International Burch University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu in his addressing said: “We are grateful to all parents who gave us their most precious jewels, their sons and daughters, and let us shape their future and prepare them for life. We took that great responsibility to shape your preciousness, and recieved them at Burch University as family members.“

Rector Uzunoğlu gave some advices to students, and spoke about achievements of the International Brch University, future plans and actions, and used the opportunity to share newest information that Sarajevo Canton Parliament approved opening of new undergraduate studies departments at the Faculty of Economics and Social Studies (Department for International Relations and European Studies, Department of International Business and the Department of Banking and Finance). He wished all of students to have sucessfull careers, and did not miss the opportunity to wish best of success to National Football Team of Bosnia and Herezgovina in Brazil.

Rector of the University of Tuzla, Prof. Dr. Enver Halilović was invited to stage to hand special plaques to students who won medals at international informatics competition Infomatrix 2014, Süleyman Zengin, Hüseyin Reşit Aşık, Oğuz Burak Özbek, Semir Šakanović, and student who showed great results in judo, Rijad Dedić.

Major of the Ilidža Municipality, Prof. Dr. Senaid Memić also addressed the audience, congratulating all students and underlining that Bosnia and Herzegovina has bright future with these young people.

The most expected moment of the ceremony was presentation of graduates which started with all master and PhD students plaquette awarding, and was continued with all seven departments bachelor studies graduates presentation on the stage and awardıng pf plaquettes by their Heads of Departments.

International Burch University also announced best students according to departments and faculties, and two students, who had highest GPA score, shared the title of the Student of the Generation 2013/2014– Eldin Milak and Sumeja Softić.

Beside the promotion of graduates and traditional hat toss, guests had the opportunity to enjoy in the concert of traditional Bosnian and Herzegovinian music by Divanhana group.

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Graduation Ceremony 2014 held