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Student Symposium

Student Symposium

4th Annual Student Symposium

International Burch University in cooperation with the Regional English Language Office for Central and Southeastern Europe, from the U.S. Embassy in Budapest is proud to announce the 4th annual Student Symposium - a project committed to the constant improvement and development of undergraduate and graduate students.

The aim is to bring together students with similar fields of interest in order to explore, challenge and improve their perspectives on a variety of specific topics. Furthermore, the Symposium acts as a platform for professional development in terms of scholarly research and presentation. The students will receive instant feedback, as well as constructive criticism both from their peers and the board of professors. The Symposium invites papers from a variety of fields, including humanities, social sciences, engineering, and technology.

We kindly welcome students from all higher education institutions to apply. Attendance and application are free of charge. The 4th Annual Student Symposium will be held on the 17th of March 2016 with topic "Celebrating Research and Creative Endeavor". We welcome all applicants.