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Genetics and Bioengineering is the first department under this title in BIH. We point out a broader spectrum of approaches based on genes at molecular level. Second important intention behind constructing this department is to diagnose genetic disorders and consult the medical doctors and private sector at university level.

We are planning to provide training through laboratory shifts, researches, hold annual national and international student symposiums, interactive courses with lab applications. The most brilliant peculiarity that IBU offers to the students is that we encourage all students in the department who are willing to engage themselves in laboratory practices. Professors and assistants are always hand to hand to their students in all levels but especially to those who are at undergraduate level. Graduates from our program ensures careers in many different areas including research in academic level or private sector, hospitals, personal enterprise, criminal departments, cancer or any other genetic-based disease research institutions .

More importantly, today all sciences are interdisciplinary, in this sense, International Burch University`s near prospective step is to sign partnership contracts with state organizations and institutions to contribute and get contribution mutually to put benefits to science and eventually to BIH.

From this point of view, we have allocated 2 mil Euro budget that is being released step by step with the support and approval of University`s Board of Trustees for researches and lab equipments to be able to keep up with the current advances in Genetics and Bioengineering. In Genetics and Bioengineering lab at International Burch University, we have all basic equipments to carry out most of the experiments in genetics.