1st ICESoS Conference Started - International Burch University

1st ICESoS Conference Started



International Burch University is a host of International Conference on Economic and Social Studies, ICESoS ’13, which will be held from 10-11th of May. The main topic of the conference is “Economic Crises and European Union”, which will be analyzed through scientific researches and discussions at the sessions. The aim is to celebrate 9th of May, which is known as the Day of the European Union, and use this opportunity to appoint the current economical problems and offer practical solutions.

In a welcoming speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Göksu, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Chairman of Conference, welcomed all speakers and participants and expressed his hopes that their stay in Sarajevo will be comfortable and that conference will be productive. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, Rector of the University also addressed the guests, welcoming them and gave providing brief information about the University.

Short speeches were also held by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harun Kaya, from Istanbul University, Mr. Predrag Praštalo, President of the European Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Tarik Kurbegović, Director of Sarajevo Stock Market, and Dr. Ismet Kumalić, President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

The Conference will be continued with speech of the keynote speaker Professor Tom Selwyn, from SOAS University of London, and the topic is „Strengthening the relationship between BiH and the EU through expanded de-centralized co-operation“.