2nd Forum on Russian Language and Literature Held - International Burch University

2nd Forum on Russian Language and Literature Held



Students of BURCH University and University of Sarajevo were addressed by Professor Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Dean of Faculty of Education, Ms. Anna Ivleva, Cultural Attaché of the Russian Embassy in Sarajevo, and Dr. Adijata Ibrišimović-Šabić, Head of Russian Language and Literature Department at University of Sarajevo. They greeted students and speakers, and expressed importance of linguistic researches and organizing variety of events which will enable minimizing gaps between cultures.

The Forum brought together experts in the field of Russian language, who presented on a series of topics ranging from a stylistic analysis of Russian discourse to the process of staging Turgenev in Sarajevo and familial relations in Chekov’s plays. Professors Marina Katnić-Bakaršić, Adijata Ibrišimović-Šabić, Almir Basovic from University of Sarajevo and Mr.  Žarko Milenić presented their topics, which were very well accepted by the audience.

As one of the main speakers, professor Adijata Ibrišimović-Šabić pointed out, the Russian Forum is a platform where experts in the field have the chance to present a small part of the Russian culture, language, and literature. It is open for dialogue, and it is certainly a place of cooperation and collaboration.