4th Annual Teacher Training Program Held - International Burch University

4th Annual Teacher Training Program Held

The day-long program brought expert teachers and professors in the field who lectured on a range of topics. The audience of over 50 current and aspiring language teachers was welcomed by Dean of the Faculty of Education and event coordinator, Professor Azamat Akbarov, as well as the Attaché for Culture and Education at the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo, Mr. Drew Giblin.

The morning session began with a lecture by Professor Hašim Muminović from the Pedagogic Faculty at the University of Sarajevo who lectured on didactic systems and their relation to teaching efficiency. It was followed up by a lecture on assessment and evaluation in language teaching given by Professor Akbarov. The afternoon sessions focused on application and practice. Guest lecturers, Mr. David Forinash, and Ms. Anita Selec, held a 2 hour workshop each, presenting techniques and approaches they use in their respective classroom.

The program ended with the award of certificates to participants and lecturers.