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June 18, 2021
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June 18, 2021

5 Content-Marketing Tactics for B2B Ecommerce

The global B2B ecommerce market is valued at $12 trillion, and this number is expected to grow by 17% in 2021. And today, more than 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach, nurture and convert prospects. 

This is why content marketing still leads as one of the most popular and cost-effective marketing strategies for companies growing in the B2B ecommerce segment. Not only does content increase a brand‘s visibility, but it also educates and persuades prospects to take actions. The good news, it’s not too late to get started. Here’s a shortlist of steps you can take.

1. Invest in video content marketing 

Around 87% of marketers are using video as a marketing tool. People prefer watching videos as compared to reading text. Video is a growing trend, and content marketers should not ignore this. 

Video content marketing involves creating and distributing videos to drive profitable actions. Every video should have a story to tell. Hence, start by identifying the needs of your target audiences and select the characters of your story. Make sure your video resonates with your brand values.  

Your video story should be created, keeping in mind any one of three goals that are awareness, consideration and decision. Include the top elements in your video apart from characters, such as conflict, resolution, quest, pain points and triumph. 

Videos can assist your content marketing in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Product reviews.
  • Event videos.
  • Commercials.
  • Explainer videos.
  • Testimonials.
  • Tutorials.

2. Optimize for question keywords

Question keywords are an excellent way to optimize your content because it educates the prospects and presents you as a trusted brand in the eyes of the buyers. Since the answers are displayed as answer boxes, people value businesses that are returned by Google as featured snippets. 

You can find relevant question keywords using tools such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest and Answer The Public. Here are some ways that B2B companies can optimize for question keywords:

  • Create FAQ pages that answer the most commonly asked questions of the customers.
  • Follow a question-answer pattern for content creation. 
  • Use relevant question Schema to prepare your content.
  • Improve the readability of your content. Opt for a Flesh-Kincaid score of above 70.
  • Offer unique, informative, and comprehensive content.
  • Add proper product markups to display relevant product information directly on the search results.

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3. Leverage the power of linkable assets

PR and content marketing are two sides of the same coin. When your PR and content-marketing teamwork is in sync, they help to improve the overall organic visibility of your website resulting in more traffic and conversions.

For example, a content-marketing team can create linkable assets and contact journalists and bloggers with that specific resource. The key to this is doing something that is timely and relevant right now as to what is happening in the media. Here are some examples of linkable assets:

  • Case studies.
  • Infographics and long-form content.
  • Fresh research and statistics.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com

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