5th BOSEPO Science Fair Held - International Burch University

5th BOSEPO Science Fair Held

5th BOSEPO Science Fair Held

Honor to open the 5th BOSEPO Science Fair was given to the Federal Minister for Science and Education Damir Mašić, Mayor of the Ilidža Municipality, Prof. Dr. Senahid Memić, President of the Board of Directors of Bosna Sema Educational Institutions Mehmet Mutlu Karaosman, General Director Ismail Yapıcı, and rector of the International Burch University, Prof . Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu.

Federal Minister of Education and Science, Damir Mašić, expressing his support for the project, said that this is a festival of knowledge and science. “What is particularly good and motivating for the young children is not just to go through this process of competition and to create a competitive spirit, but also that those who are best will receive free tuition for continuing of their education at International Burch University, which is more than a good work. “Minister Mašić speaking on the subject of the education and project of the Ministry, “With Knowledge in the Future” said that students of Bosna Sema Educational Institutions in percentage won the most of medals in this competition. “These kids only last year won more than 60 awards in national and international competitions, including 20 gold medals, which shows that this is a real quality, and the least we can do as one authority, that is in charge of education and science, is to put ourselves at the disposal to them, and to keep track of these educational institutions, but also to these kids who are certainly the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina” said Minister Mašić.

General Director of Bosna Sema Educational Institutions, Ismail Yapıcı, pointed out that last year students from these educational institutions were responsible for Bosnian flag waving at competitions in 13 different countries. “Our goal is to give students spirit of research and teach them to making projects from different areas such as the environment, energy, and engineering/IT. The thing that makes us proud, which is at the same time one of the aspect of our educational system, is improvement of students researches and also work on their training so that they can produce different projects individually“ said Yapici.

The goal of the 5th BOSEPO Science Fair is to select the best three projects in three categories, which will be awarded with money prizes and the possibility of participation to international competitions. Students who win first place in their categories, beside money award will receive the full amount of the scholarship to study at the International Burch University for the desired department, which is an additional stimulus to students.

By 16:00 o’clock 30 members of the Scientific Committee of the 5th BOSEPO Science Fair, consisted of the lecturers at the International Burch University, the University of Sarajevo, as well as from the experts from private companies in BiH, will evaluate 105 projects, and the results will be published on the website. On Saturday at 11:00 starts the award ceremony which will be held at the International School at Ilidža. The award ceremony is open for public.