A Farewell Lecture by the Guest Professor Malissa Maria Mahmud - International Burch University
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December 22, 2017
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December 29, 2017

A Farewell Lecture by the Guest Professor Malissa Maria Mahmud

On 21st of December 2017, the ELL department’s guest professor, Malissa Maria Mahmud, held a lecture entitled “Rethinking the Communicative Styles and Gender Differences on Social Media.”

Professor Malissa talked about gender stereotypes and how the distinct polarities of gender stereotypes in communication ascertain that the communication styles of men and women are fundamentally different. 

However, the widespread of social media has contributed to a fascinating and pivotal shift in the utilization of lexes, encompassing less conventional gender-based articulacy and distinctness amongst adolescents within virtual settings specifically. 

Professor Malissa then presented her research and samples of Twitter posts in which she discovered that males possess and exhibit all four traits of communication styles: aggressive, passive-aggressive, passive and assertive. Interestingly, the observations revealed that both genders demonstrate passive-aggressive and assertive traits.

Professor Malissa later asked the students whether they think these stereotypes are still relevant to this day, which led to different answers and discussions in the audience.

At the end of the lecture, Assist. Prof. Dr. Amna Brdarević-Čeljo presented professor Malissa with a certificate of appreciation and thanked her for being a guest professor at ELL department.