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April 3, 2018
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April 6, 2018

A Scientific Expert Symposium Held at Burch University Successfully Connected Future Technologies And Industry

A large number of students and professors from International Burch University participated in the scientific and technical symposium with prominent lecturers from the region and the world, among whom were distinguished Prof Dr Inoue Yuji, Chairman of the Information and Technology Institute of Toyota Center Co. Ltd., and Prof Dr Fumiyuki Adachi from Tohoku University, Japan. Among prominent experts were, Prof Dr. Bamidele Adebisi from the University of Metropolitan in Manchester, Dejan Vukobratić from the University of Novi Sad, Haris Gačanin and Almin Hasandić from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professor Jasmin Kevrić from International Burch University expressed great satisfaction with the response from students, professors, and experts who decided to visit Burch and share their knowledge with students.

“Our goal was to bring top experts in the field of wireless technologies, who presented our experiences from practice. Our speakers talked about what is happening today in Toyota’s science institutes and mentioned the scientific achievements that just arrayed in countries like America. Also, we discussed what really awaits us when we talk about the automotive industry, the trends in wireless technologies, smart modes, and energy storage and the use of the 5G wireless telecommunications network. Startups and their development in BiH were discussed while the crown of today’s gathering was definitely the panel in which we remembered the connection between technology and industry,“ said Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić.

 Professor Bamidela Adebisi from the Metropolitan University of Manchester pointed out that this event is of great importance for the development of science in BiH, and for the International Burch University, which is recognized as a leading University by the academic community in the world as well as by students.

“I must emphasize that I have been in BiH before and this is my second time visiting and much progress has been made since my last visit. I am here to give the maximum capacity of knowledge to the students of Burch University who will in the coming period, doubtlessly, will for sure become leaders in the scientific fields in this region and the world. I am here with my colleagues from Japan and we will try to give the young people in BiH a part of ourselves, part of our knowledge and leave a strong impression on those people who want to learn and find out even more.”

Special attention of students and professors was attracted by the lecture of the Chairman of the Japan Information and Technology Institute, Prof. Dr. Inoue Yuji, who spoke to students about four-wheel computerization.

“I am already an older professor, I am close to my seventies, but I am still a dreamer. I started my scientific career in 1973 in Japan, and at that time I was a researcher in a laboratory where we were developing communication technologies. Back then in Japan, we were already discussing the development of digital communications, although all the communications were analogous back then. My job has enabled me to finally realize my dream. After 34 years of developing digital communications, I became one of the Presidents of the Toyota Technology Development Institute. Our main goal today is to integrate information technology and telecommunications with cars. But this was just the beginning – today we are working not only on how to connect people but also on the concept that will digitally connect cars,“ Professor Yuji emphasized.