International Burch University (IBU) is owned by Stirling Education, a leading provider of first-class education across the globe with the corporate head office located in London, United Kingdom.

With Faculties in Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Social Science, and Education and Humanities, International Burch University is highly respected and follows the ‘entrepreneurial university model’; that is, it encourages and supports innovation, recognises and creates opportunities, and promotes soft skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.

International Burch University emphasises academic achievement encouraging and inspiring its students to become the best that they can be. At the same time, International Burch University is looking beyond academic achievement and towards character development, nurturing and developing strong and resilient characters who can think independently, have a sense of creativity and who will embrace and welcome problem solving.

As an organisation, we are forward-thinking and recognise the need to adapt to an ever-changing technological world. Our curriculum has been adapted to contain a strong digital element, supported by excellent ICT teaching and the latest classroom technology. Our online and digital teaching offering has been pressure tested under the toughest of global pandemic conditions.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and what we can achieve in the coming years.

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International BURCH University (IBU)

Dear students,

2020 was a challenging year worldwide. Higher education community did its best to counter the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to the new circumstances. Along with our leaders, deans, academic and administrative staff we responded to the challenges and honoured the promise given to our students. Namely, we successfully delivered a world-class online educational experience and market driven learning content.

As the preeminent entrepreneurial university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are dedicated to teaching excellence and high student satisfaction. We are truly passionate about personalised mentoring and practical research leading up to superior student employment outcomes and lasting community impact.

International Burch University (IBU) is a British owned entrepreneurial university accredited by top accreditation bodies both in the United Kingdom and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the first choice for all students passionate about critical thinking, market driven solutions and personal success.

  • In fact, we are the first university in BH that established a business incubator. The business incubator is a platform that creates value through the combination of local intellectual capital and financial capital markets in London.
  • We recently opened a cutting-edge PC Lab home to IT professionals and IT students.
  • We also developed advanced bioengineering labs and research facilities home to some of the country's most noted researchers.

This is because we believe that everyone deserves access to quality education. We thus strongly encourage you to apply for our scholarship program and capitalise on high quality educational opportunities. Indeed, it is our promise that all academic and administrative staff, fellow students and student club members will be there for you. We will support you on your way to personal growth and will do our best for you to succeed in everything you do.

Regardless of whether the pandemic will prevent us from meeting each other on university campus or not, the pandemic will not prevent us from learning. No matter what your career ambitions are, the International Burch University Community is there to inspire you, support you and connect you with each other.

Welcome to the IBU family,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak


University accreditation is an activity initiated by an institution and executed by authorized and independent accreditation agencies. State accreditation of a higher education institution is mandatory and universities can also opt for international accreditation to work on improving quality and reputation building. The accreditation process requires rigorous self-evaluation and an independent and objective assessment of the overall quality of education ensuring that higher education institutions meet set standards and are trained to deliver students programs they offer. Accreditation emphasizes quality assurance and commitment to continuous quality improvement.

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Agencija za razvoj visokog obrazovanja
i osiguranje kvaliteta


British Accreditation Council
- BAC (UK)



The mission of International Burch University is to support education, scientific research, and training of highly qualified personnel to work in academic and professional areas through the development of contemporary curricula and creation of an environment to trigger creative, objective, and critical thinking and continuous learning. Through its public activities, joint projects, and collaboration with private and public sector institutions as well as with international institutions, the University aims to improve the community and contribute to addressing local and global challenges. An important aspect of all activities is a friendly academic environment that encourages each student to take a leading role in reaching their personal and intellectual potential.


Achieving excellence in Education, Research & Development, Innovation & Entrepreneurship through continuous mentoring, academic and life orientation.

1.000.000Scholarship Fund (BAM)
5,000Scholarship Recepients So Far
50%Average Scholarship
30+Student Clubs

hearts and minds

Aristotle said that „Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all“.

Educating the heart refers to the importance of not only focusing on developing the cognitive aspects (our minds) but also all the qualities that make us human (our hearts) and ultimately give us meaning in our lives.

We challenge our students to overcome barriers and develop critical thinking but also to develop deep emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion, altruism, and kindness. To maximize your potential you have to manage both intelligence and emotions.

The illustration (heart), which is a visual representation of our vision of education, was designed by professor Ranko Anđelić from the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia at the International Burch University in cooperation with the team of the Marketing and PR Department.

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