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About Sarajevo

Capital and largest city

Sarajevo is capital city of (the state of) Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is its administrative, economic, cultural, educational (university) and sport center. The city of Sarajevo is unit of local self-governance, which consists of four city municipalities: Old City, Center, New City and New Sarajevo.

Geographical position

Sarajevo is situated in the area of Sarajevo plain, which is surrounded by mountains Bjelasnica and Igman from the Southwest, by Trebevic from the Southeast, middle-range mountains and inter-valley headlands (capes) on the North and Northwest.

Average height above sea level of Sarajevo plain is 500m. The most distant (farthest) western point of the plain is at 180 16′ eastern geographic longitude. The most distant (farthest) eastern point is at 180 27′ eastern geographical longitude, the most distant northern point is at 430 53′ northern geographic latitude while the most distant southern point is at 430 47′ southern geographical latitude.

Where we are?

International Burch University Campus is settled on Ilidza Municipality.

Distance from city center: 9 km

Distance from airport Sarajevo: 2 km

Distance from main bus station: 7 km

Distance from main railway station: 7 km

Distance from main local bus, tramway: 1 km

Places near International Burch University Campus

University is 500 meters distanced from one of the best relaxation places called “Vrelo Bosne” where people can escape from everyday life and enjoy the charms of nature.

University is 400 meters distanced from the “Termalna Rivijera” swimming pool which is one of the most attractive pools and have open and closed pools with all services included.

Cost of living in Sarajevo

Cost of living in Sarajevo by Numbeo (prices vary and these prices are for the city center)


When visiting Sarajevo city center you can go with: