Assist. Prof. Dr. Adis Maksić: I Have Many Reasons for my Optimism in B&H and I Believe That Students Can and Must Win Peaks - International Burch University
Doc. dr. Adis Maksić: Imam mnogo razloga za optimizam u BiH i vjerujem da studenti mogu i moraju osvajati vrhove
April 23, 2019
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April 24, 2019

Assist. Prof. Dr. Adis Maksić: I Have Many Reasons for my Optimism in B&H and I Believe That Students Can and Must Win Peaks

“I finished my high school education in America, after which I enrolled in a Michigan State college where I graduated with a Criminology degree. However, I have always been moved by the influence of politics in the everyday lives of people, their identities, ambitions, and lifestyles. That ambition led me to Virginia Tech University in 2008, where I completed my Master of Political Science. Thus, I am acquainted with a university professor who is one of the leading analysts of the situation in the Balkans. Amongst other things, the American Congress has called for a testimony when the situation in B&H is in question. That man, Gerard Toal, is also one of the founders of the political direction today called critical geopolitics. The opportunity to collaborate with Professor Toal was crucial to my stay in the teaching process, doctorate, and scientific work.”

Professor Adis Maksić received the award for the best doctoral dissertation in America, which later became a book about ethnic mobilization and analysis of what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, the book has a remarkable echo among scientists and readers.

“In addition to all the benefits that America has provided to me, I still wanted to go back home to Bosnia. Probably because of sentimental reasons. Then with a twist of happy circumstances, I met people who worked at International Burch University. Today, I’m happy to be here because I think Burch is a very healthy environment for learning and advancement. Today at Burch, we have exceptionally good students, where we can provide a lot of room for progress. Also, as the Head of the Department, I want this story to continue strongly.”

Professor Maksić points out that in international relations, we have three dominant perspectives. These are realism, liberalism, and constructivism. The realism dominates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, both in national policy reflection and in most of the academic community. According to Professor Maksić’s statement, students are most reluctant to wear the realism cover because they carry it with them before entering the Burch classroom. This image is formed by students through media and previous education. However, Professor Maksić claims that politics does not have to go down to the struggle for power. Politics can lead to principles and ideas that change the world for the better. He points out that the most celebrated personalities are those who fought for ideals, while those who were guided by their narrow personal interests and the unprincipled struggle for power long forgotten or remembered on the dark pages of history. That is why Burch students learn about role and norms, ideas in international relations, forming a new angle that is not gained outside academia. This is emphasized by Professor Maksić, the greatest contribution of science and the creation of future leaders whose ideas can change Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We at Burch really can be proud of talking to students who have decided to explore or deal with politics. Here, students are offered the best literature, and even the most prestigious, that can be found on the market. Also, students learn from professors who have a prestigious academic experience and have acquired their knowledge outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course, there are also students who strongly defend their pre-acquired attitudes, but through dozens of lecturers and subjects, and three years of work, they ultimately broaden their horizons and open new perspectives.”

In addition to all this, Professor Maksić is extremely optimistic when it comes to the educational process at the International Burch University. Joint programs and cooperation with the University of Juraj Dobrile in Pula and the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland from Austria are completely different programs that are new in the market and which no one in the neighborhood offers. Now, we continue our cooperation with the mentioned universities, which will enable our students to visit and study at the same time. Students also stay at these universities within the Erasmus program. Therefore, as Professor Maksić emphasizes, Burch is an extremely good foundation for progress.

“In addition to my academic title, politics, and science, my passion is an adventurous journey of various kinds, so I’m one of those professors who is recognized by students in a story that says I’m one of those who won the Kilimanjaro. They often ask how we can connect hiking and politics, but the concept is simple. Just look at the globe, we can all be fascinated by its image and symmetry. That is why I did not miss the chance to go with a group of people to conquer Kilimanjaro last year. From this perspective, I have to say that this was a bit of an embarrassing move because I did not really have significant mountaineering experience. In the end, however, I dared to take that big step. On the road to the conquest of Kilimanjaro, there was anxiety and crisis, but in the end, I succeeded. In the end, I hope that my desire to conquer the tops and peaks will be passed on to the students so that they can also win the peaks they will encounter in life and career.”