Admir Salihagic, Kenan Kadusic, Fatima Masic joined the Erasmus + Exchange Program in Lublin - International Burch University

Admir Salihagic, Kenan Kadusic, Fatima Masic joined the Erasmus + Exchange Program in Lublin

The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin was the meeting place for representatives of international universities who, with their presence, enriched the 15th International Staff Week. The representatives who traveled on behalf of Burch University are Dean for IBU Students Admir Salihagic, Teaching Assistant at the Department of English Language and Literature Kenan Kadusic and Teaching Assistant at the Department of Electrical Engineering Fatima Masic.

This university is one of our first university partners with whom we have been successfully collaborating since 2015. The university is our faithful partner, who supports us regarding the organization of mobility and exchange of staff and students, and thus shows great interest and desire to maintain stable and long-term cooperation.

„To visit a university that has a long tradition and deals with a great number of international students is a great experience. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to exchange experiences with representatives of other universities and see what areas we still need to work on. I came back with a lot of useful knowledge, with great positive energy and rich experience, ˮ said Dean Salihagic.

Teaching Assistant Mašić did not remain indifferent, saying: “As for my impression after the exchange is concerned, I have to say that I have received a new kind of understanding of the practice and system of work in education in other countries. I have gained a greater understanding and a relaxed reaction to social, linguistic and cultural diversity. Also, it was a great opportunity to improve foreign language competencies. As a result, I can say that guided by this experience I got greater motivation and satisfaction in my daily work. ˮ

Assistant Kadusic, a new member of the academic staff of the Department of English Language and Literature, shared the opinions and impressions of his colleagues. „I was given the opportunity to address many issues and topics, to participate individually and in groups in discussions and to be part of thematically organized workshops and information sessions. I met experts in my field with whom I exchanged very important information about the work of our department. Cultural and fun activities that were equally emphasized by the organizers and participants were especially useful for establishing cooperation with other universities.”

The presentation of Burch University aroused the interest of many participants, two of whom are already initiators of new cooperation, namely the representatives of the University of Albania and the International College of NIDA (ICO NIDA) from Bangkok, that have already submitted a proposal to our International Relations Office for starting a cooperation and arranging an official visit.

We are grateful to the University of Lublin, which once again hosted our representatives and provided them with the prospect of expanding, maintaining and enhancing mutual interests and involvement in the planning of future activities and projects with other institutions.