Genetics and Bioengineering

Career oriented courses that will give you broad knowledge and skills in the field. The curriculum is designed according to the world’s best ranked universities. Lectures are followed by practical laboratory work where students get to experimentally apply all the gained knowledge.

Bachelor degree

The program is designed to enable students to gather fundamental and career-oriented knowledge and skills as well as to apply them in various fields of genetics and bioengineering. Upon completion of the study program you will be able to engage in work in different industries as well as in a scientific career.

Master program

We offer you career-oriented courses which will help you in the development and preparation of your master thesis. Through our workshops, you will master different laboratory techniques that will prepare you carry out the experimental part of your thesis. By publishing the results of your thesis in world-ranked scientific journals, you will get a chance to acquaint the entire scientific community with your findings.


The PhD program at the GBE department will enable students to gain advanced knowledge in different topics of their interest through courses that they will take during the first year of their studies. Upon completion of the courses together with their mentor and monitoring committee, they will gradually prepare their theses. The experimental part of their theses will be carried out in world class laboratory setting which IBU provides for them.

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