Information Technology

Get involved in real-world problem solving and professional lab mentoring leading up to superior employment outcomes and high personal satisfaction.

Bachelor degree

As an undergraduate, you will gain essential knowledge about programming, databases, computer architecture, mobile programing and data structures, web programing and web design.

You will also develop customer communication skills as well as team leadership skills. Such approaches as "lean" and "agile" will become your daily routine. Contact us now for more info.

Master program + DL Master program

Master students get excited as we are the only ones offering master courses in the area of Data Science and Internet of Things. The good news is tat these courses are available through our Master Distance learning Program (DL Master Program). Give us a call now to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Master of Information Technology is generally designed for IT managers who are expected to lead teams and utilise new digital platforms whilst generating value and making profit. This is your chance to challenge yourself and perform exceptionally well in a corporate environment. Contact us now for more info.


PhD in information technology typically involves high-level positions in research and academia. PhD students use their advanced technical expertise and analytical skills to make substantial contributions in their respective fields. Contact us and learn more about our doctoral programs.

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