International Relations and European Studies

The study of IRES is interdisciplinary in nature, blending the fields of philosophy, sociology, economics, history, and political science to examine topics such as human rights, global poverty, the environment, economics, globalization, security, and the political environment.

Bachelor degree

We seek to develop graduates with critical thinking capacities capable of impacting the academia, public affairs and the wider world.
This is pursued through an interdisciplinary approach that covers diverse aspects, from the foundations of political and social sciences to specialized fields.

Master program and DL Master program

Master of Arts in International Relations and European Studies aims to train graduates in the fields of economics, management, political science, history, diplomacy, law and philosophy enabling the students to contribute inventively to social, political and business, domestic and international environment.


The goal of our PhD program is to train new generations of political scientists versatile in both theoretical and policy-oriented research able to communicate with all audiences: students, general public, and political leaders.

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