Indira Redžepović, Author at International Burch University - Page 104
March 17, 2021
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Tell Don’t Show? What Brain Imaging Reveals About Readers

Years ago, I was asked by a local aquarium how they could use story to persuade their readers to become better stewards of the earth. “Okay,” […]
March 17, 2021
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The race to stop Europe’s young and jobless from becoming a ‘lost generation’

As Europe’s economy shrinks following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, youth unemployment is on the rise. There are now 3.1 million young people aged 15-24 […]
March 17, 2021
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8 Keys to Coming Up With a Brand Name That Will Attract Customers

If you want your company to have a selling brand, the first thing you have to consider is that it should be easy to remember and […]
March 17, 2021
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Journalism is a public service. So why doesn’t it represent the public?

I’m a young reporter from a low-income, working-class background. Sometimes, I ask myself why I’m still charging so eagerly into an industry that seems intent on […]