Indira Redžepović, Author at International Burch University - Page 56
May 27, 2021
shakespeare book

Is the 300-year search for one of Shakespeare’s actual book over?

A Canadian scholar seems to think so. In what might be the discovery of the “world’s most valuable book,” Professor Robert Weir is claiming a pattern of […]
May 27, 2021
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Fake news is not new: Russia’s 19th-century disinformation experiment

Russian “information warfare”—from hacking to efforts to sow “fake news” abroad—has captured international headlines in recent years. Although Russian efforts to influence western opinion are usually […]
May 27, 2021

Why Throwing Out the “Old Bananas” is Imperative to Your Success

You’ve likely walked past your kitchen counter and seen near-rotten bananas and thought to yourself, Oh, I’ll make a smoothie tomorrow with those. Then the next day you see the same […]
May 27, 2021
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Family Business Is a Blood Sport. Here’s How to Avoid the Pitfalls.

Family business isn’t always like The Sopranos or House of Cards, but it’s also certainly no Cosby Show or Brady Bunch. Any which way you slice it, working with families makes for good […]