BBC: Seminar “Public Speaking” Held - International Burch University

BBC: Seminar “Public Speaking” Held



The aim of the seminar is to provide practical advice to overcome stage fright at public appearances and also point out a few tricks that make you us good orators.

Alisa  spoke about the importance of speaking skills and how good rhetoricians are much more succesful and faster at “selling” the product as well as themselves. Speaking skill is an important part of the business organization and individuals with low self-esteem are recommended practical exercises and tricks to overcome it.

Alisa Vrabac  was born in Sarajevo 70s. With 15 years she goes to the United States and was  the top of her class in  high school and college. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, in the Department of Mass Communication and Public Relations (PR) and publicity in 1999, a program of study that lasts 4 to 5 years.The course specializes in public relations and media psychology of the masses, marketing, psychology and non-verbal communication. At the same time, she completed secondary studies at the Faculty of Economics at the Department of Business Sciences and Marketing. Today, Alisa Vrabac os the president of “PROF communication” but also an educator/trainer in verbal, non-verbal communication and and politics.