BURCH student- Bsmart Co-Founder- Honored with Female Digital Pioneers Fellowship - International Burch University
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June 27, 2018
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July 11, 2018

BURCH student- Bsmart Co-Founder- Honored with Female Digital Pioneers Fellowship



The trip included entry to the Women in Silicon Valley Round About, a 5,000-person technology conference attended by Global Fortune 500 female executives.

They traveled to parliament and spoke with Baroness D’souza who spoke about similarities between Brexit reform process that the British administration faces and the reform process that BiH is going through as an EU ascension country. These processes are important for exporting countries like Britain and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as they keep markets open and business growth.

 “Working hours vs. at startups are longer but control of your schedule is the best!” Dina attributes the unique insights in business due to the all-star lineup of trainers and guest speakers during the fellowship.

Other attractions to startups are smart coworkers, true teamwork vs. boring repetitive administrative tasks. 

One of Dina’s many takeaways from the experience was how the British government is really supporting the formation of new companies through their Global Entrepreneurs Program and the coordination with various ministries responsible for making it easy to do business.  The Government Digital Services Ministry has built a web platform for all the paperwork that companies used to file for establishing their corporation, which is now filed electronically.

In addition, many speakers reinforced that learning something new like coding is an important barrier to break through for anyone who works at a startup.  You’re constantly learning and making fast decisions.

“Timing is more important than being correct, as you can course correct most decisions with the time saved.  Large companies are very slow decision makers due to their investments and existing customer bases”, says Dina Lasic. 

It is clear that diversity is a major topic in technology. Women in technology face bias in the workplace and doing business generally.  Inclusion efforts by large companies and startups are reversing this long-held practice.