Burch Academic Staff on Erasmus Mobility Exchange - International Burch University
Burch University Students’ Participants of Project Humanity in Action – Copenhagen
June 21, 2017
The Graduating Class of 2017
June 30, 2017

Burch Academic Staff on Erasmus Mobility Exchange

The visit covered series of lectures and meetings on the potential collaboration of this two universities. Burch University professors also met with the representative from Warsaw University, Assist. Prof. Maja Zawierzeniec, as she happened to be on exchange program herself too. She joined one of our professors’ lecture on leadership.

The very first day our representatives met with the Erasmus+ Mobility Assistant Aura FLORESCU and International Relations Officer Daniel Mihai MELINTE in their office whereby all documentation was sorted. This was followed by induction program and the tour of the University located in the heart of beautiful Alba Iulia citadel, which is the largest citadel in Romania.

Our professors also met with Prof. Silvia Maican and Prof. Malina Cordos. They briefed them on the background of the students and the staff to be focused on. Assist. Prof. Mersid Poturak conducted lectures on marketing, value proposition, and advertising while Senior Teaching Assist. Edin Smajić held a lecture on leadership, management and contemporary challenges comparing the two. 

During the fourth day, a meeting with the representative of the University of Warsaw was organized whereby experiences in teaching and Erasmus mobility were exchanged. It was concluded that we have many things in common, however, both, the representatives from “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia and the representative from Warsaw University acclaimed entrepreneurial spirit of International Burch University our focus to students and the way we organize our internship. Our staff offered to provide training and demonstrate how we do it all at Burch.

Since Friday was a public holiday due to ALBA Fest all guests, including our professors, joined the carnival professionally organized in this medieval but very active and bustling citadel that our staff heartily recommend for a visit. (http://www.visitalbaiulia.com/