BURCH Cheered Up 1,600 Children from B&H - International Burch University
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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 2016

BURCH Cheered Up 1,600 Children from B&H

Student Association of Faculty of Education (SAFE) representing Burch University has worked diligently over the past months in various activities whose main objective was the promotion of education in various fields of science, also the promotion of humanity. One of our plans was also a charity event, modeled according to the last year’s activity when we visited the children at the pediatric clinic, and children and adolescent psychiatry in Sarajevo and on that occasion we rejoiced children with the presents and hung out with them.

This year we joined the action called “No child without a present“ organized by the humanitarian students organization “Ruku na srce“. After we made contact with this organization, we immediately began to promote the campaign at Burch university where our students and staff had an opportunity to learn what are the goals of this activity, to donate money as well as school supplies, hygiene supplies and toys. The response of the students was more than excellent, and within a few hours 300 KM was collected. With the donated money we bought school supplies, hygienic necessities and toys, and all was delivered to the association where several members of Burch association immediately joined and helped in sorting and packing presents for the New Year .

The activity culminated on 24.12 at BKC (Bosnian cultural centre) where certificates of appreciation were awarded, continued with the performance for children in which we enjoyed as much as they did, following with handing presents to all kids, and inevitable photoshoot with Santa. It was a great honor and pride to be part of this positive story that brought a smile to the faces of 1,600 children from socially vulnerable families. This is just one of the positive and human things that Burch SAFE successfully has organized and plans to do in the future.

“As a president of the SAFE, together with my diligent members I want to thank to all our dear colleagues, acquaintances and our Burch staff who took part in this positive story and in this way brought smiles to 1600 children faces. There is no little donation, the most important thing is that we are donating from heart, because little things mean a lot to them“, said Burch student, Fatima Kovačević.