BURCH Alumni Engr. Asmir Sinanović: From a Military Camp to a Student Bench - International Burch University
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December 18, 2017
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December 20, 2017

BURCH Alumni Engr. Asmir Sinanović: From a Military Camp to a Student Bench



Today, Asmir is a successful young man and an engineer who has focused his knowledge on the development of information technology and the construction of computer systems, and whose future is unquestionable. However, Asmir adds that life can have many surprises.

“…After successfully completing the first year of studies at International Burch University, I decided on a brave move not made by the boys of my generation. This was a generation that was born before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely, I was one of those guys from Tuzla who decided to spend part of their earliest youth away from home in Afghanistan, a military camp where I definitely realized the full weight of my life. When I look at it all today, I must say that I’m glad – I’ve learned what life brings within, I’ve learned how to look at the problem from all angles.”

Afghan is not a fairy tale, but Burch is

Asmir Sinanović has not lost his will or desire to continue studying after years spent in a military camp, under constant threat that he can lose his life, or simply stray into the area where the most fierce conflicts are taking place.

“The continuation of the studies after the Afghan experience was not easy, but the professorial staff was fair and friendly, I passed the exams and entered the third year after which the logical sequence was a master’s degree. But not everything was easy at first glance. My fear of returning to college was dominant, I thought, “Asmir, you’d better stay in Afghanistan than go to college again”, I was afraid because I knew how many difficult exams I still have to pass. I knew that I already failed math 2, and I thought that after two years of break I could not return to university benches and that I would never pass some of the exams…”

Job as a primary goal

After completing a Master’s Degree at the International Burch University, Asmir began to intern, and acquire experience and additional knowledge. Soon after Asmir got his intern in the prestigious Bosnian-Herzegovinian IT company, Authority Partners. The experience in prestigious companies has led him to a new job at System Verification, which is one of the most successful IT companies in Sweden and operating in B&H.

“I have to remember that job interview in System Verification, it was not one of those interviews where hard workers go through your CV, these people were cheerful, relaxed and smiling, wanted to hire a young man from B&H who wants to learn, work, and make progress. I have to say that they especially impressed me when they did not allow me to talk too much about myself, but they also introduced me to a company that is now my second home. “

Asmir’s working colleagues today are top electrical engineers and IT technicians, who in a professional manner perform globally important jobs sitting at a computer table in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of them is Asmir’s colleague, Fatima Osmanegović-Ahmetović, who adds that Asmir had been seen as a well-educated, wise and smart colleague who works conscientiously since the first day.

“Asmir is always smiling, always in a good mood and ready to help, our colleagues and I can only praise him. He is simply a man you can count on”, said Fatima.

The life path of a former successful student at the International Burch University has been up to now exciting, pervading with learning, work, and difficult life experiences, but Asmir courageously continues on.

“When I started working in the profession I was a manual tester, now I’m doing a lot of serious and test automation jobs, which is interesting and challenging to me. In the following period, I plan to improve myself in the field of technical knowledge and of course the last but not least phase is being a member of the management team in such a great and successful company, which is essentially a crown of success. “