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Burch Basketball Club Players Signed Contracts



Burch Basketball Club players and their coach Kemal Šećerović gathered on 16th of October at the University campus, and met with Secretary General Admir Salihagić with a purpose of signing professional player contracts. Beside being regular students, 14 players who are holders of the sport scholarship of International Burch University,also play basketball for their university.

In academic 2013/2014 Burch Basketball Team was on second place of the UNSA League, and captain Kerim Kurtagić was announced for Best Player or MVP of the League.

This academic year will be a significant change for the Burch Team because club joined professional A2 Basketball League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

14 players of Burch Basketball Team and proud holders of Burch University scholarship are:

Alem Šećerović
Alican Balik
Almin Muzur
Belmin Balić
Dino Salčinović
Edib Hafizović
Faris Smajlović
Irhad Kentra
Kerim Kurtagić
Nedim Mehinagić
Nedim Salčin
Nidal Arifagić
Sakib Kurtić
Rijad Vlahovljak

Players of the Burch Basketball Club were later presented to staff and students within the Freshmen Welcoming and Orientation Ceremony in new academic year. Captain Kerim Kurtagić shortly addressed the present audience inviting them to come to matches and support them.