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BURCH Library – A Special Source of Knowledge and Information for IBU Students



What is the importance of the university library and what capacity does it have?

The Burch University library has a total of 27,000 library units and 2613 journals. The library has had a large number of users in the last academic year, and we can be pleased that the interest of students and teachers in using library services is increasing year by year.

We are enriching the library stock with new editions in coordination with professors and students, equipping the library with the necessary computer equipment so that the records and archives are kept in electronic form by following library standards.

Library space consists of two parts (library and reading room). The reading room contains computers that students and academic staff use when needed to access the library catalog and databases (EBSCO, ELSEIVER, SCIENCE DIRECT, IXXX XPLORE …). The importance of these databases lies in the fast, easy and simultaneous access to scientific information, a large number of titles of books and magazines of different publishers in one place, as well as the electronic access to scientific papers.

What is the number of publications, research papers, literature available in the library?

The library of our university contains literature and journals according to the departments at the university. This includes literature in the fields of Economics, English Language and Literature, Informatics, Turkish Language and Literature, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries. In addition to the mentioned literature, the library contains donated literature from other fields (religion, history, politics, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, sociology), which students mostly use in their free time. The available literature is in English, Turkish and our language as well as magazines. Access to the shelves is free, which greatly facilitates the work and the procedure, as users can choose, browse the literature before making their final selection.

The alignment of resources with the curriculum is satisfactory. One of the functions of the library is to ensure the availability of student compulsory and freely available literature. The mentioned literature refers to the literature that students use to prepare for the exams, but also to the literature found in the library for the current year in multiple copies. Required as well as optional literature can be purchased by students at the university library.

What is the procedure for obtaining new literature?

At the beginning of each academic year, the library, in consultation with the academic staff, orders the required literature which is used in teaching.

The books are ordered directly from publishers and intermediary bookstores, which are in collaboration with the Pearson, Chengage, Prentice Hall publishing houses. Another way to get the needed literature is through online orders from Amazon and ABEbooks.

How is IBU connected with and collaborates with libraries of other universities?

The Burch library has cooperation agreements with the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, the Library of Alba Iulia University in Romania, the Library of the Law Faculty in Zenica, and the Library of the Faculty of Law in Rijeka. These libraries regularly conduct interlibrary exchanges.

Does the library carry out any activities to improve its work?

For the better promotion of the library, the IBU library organizes a book exhibition twice a year in collaboration with renowned publishing houses (Pearson, Prentice Hall, Chengage). Such events are attended by a large number of visitors.

In addition, the library has a tradition of organizing literary evenings and book promotions, where well-known writers and cultural workers are invited. We are also known for our publishing and public relations activities. The IBU library also has a new form of communication with students and professors that we have called “Recommend the book you would like us to purchase for you.”

Our primary goal is to meet customer requirements, and we strive to get more recent and desired titles. We are certainly considering giving more focus on promotional material and preparing brochures, catalogs, posters with a recognizable library logo. The library also organizes thematic exhibitions whose duration is in line with the frequency of arrival of most readers. The library also has a website with important information.

What are the plans for improving the work and development of the IBU Library?

Our plans in the near future are better integration of the library into the teaching process of the university, use of the library within educational areas, creating student habits for even more active use of the library, educating students to use databases, etc.

In addition, we believe that the following steps will greatly help in the development of the IBU library, of which we stand out: acquisition and selection of professional literature, longer working hours of reading room and library, bigger reading space, bigger reading room, online computer connection with other libraries, possibility of fast and efficient search of the world’s largest databases and better quality fund information that can be used to the maximum. With the new equipment we received, we improved our work. A plan was also made for the library and the reading room to be physically connected, but at the same time separated to make it easier for students to access resources.