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Theather Play 'Prst' Between Hope and History
Nov 12, 2014

Theather Play 'Prst' Between Hope and History

A group of students from International Burch University together with their professor, Prof. Dr. Meliha Handžić, and PR Manager Nadira Dacić went to a theather play „Prst“(Finger) in SARTR on November 10, 2014. They also were a part of a panel discussion afterwards organized by Forum ZFD, Foundation for Cultural, Educational and Social development Publika and SARTR.

International Burch University students, together with young people from other universities, joined interesting panel discussion entitled „Between Hope and History“, that was held with moderator Selma Korjenić, from TRIAL, actress Selma Alispahić, Viktorija Ružičić-Tokić, from ICMP and play director Sabrina Begović.

The discussion offered confrontation with past, memories, war traumas and attitudes of different age groups with the theme of missing persons. There were different opinions and visions of artistic approach to this serious theme, but at the end, organizers were very satisfied with the dialogue opened.

The play „Prst“, originally written by Doruntine Bashi and adapted by the director Sabrina Begović is actually story about hope. According to the director, the hope is left for very end, when the two main protagonists, despite the major conflicts, continue to work on their relationship and to overcome the differences.

Theather Play 'Prst' Between Hope and History