Burch Staff Members Successfully Conducted Erasmus+ Mission in Poland - International Burch University

Burch Staff Members Successfully Conducted Erasmus+ Mission in Poland

These members were also invited to take part in the International Week, where other universities and educational institutions from across the globe participated. During this event, all guests presented about their institutions. The guests expressed their approval for the presentation presented by International Burch University, and many groups were interested in furthering contact with possible project opportunities.

International Week consisted of thematic lectures, presentations, and workshops. Guests were also invited to deliver lectures to the students of University College of Enterprise and Administration. Professor Senad Becirovic, acting Dean of the Education Faculty, presented his research about Intercultural Education in Educational Systems in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Professor Senad was praised for his hard work and excellent presentation skills, as his presentation was impressive, and the students and other attendees were very pleased with his speech.

The fourth day involved networking panels and workshops, whereby the guests presented their universities and educational institutions to the students via flyers, brochures and presentations. Certificates were also given to the guests as evidence for their participation in the event, which concluded the International Week in Poland.