Burch Student Faris Karić Won Idea Challenge Start-Up Competition in Szeged – Hungary - International Burch University
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Burch Student Faris Karić Won Idea Challenge Start-Up Competition in Szeged – Hungary



Meet Faris Karić, a second-year student of Management at the International Burch University of Sarajevo. Faris is currently studying on the Department of International Business. 
Since 2013, he takes an interest in extracurricular activities and elective courses which needed social abilities and the power of leadership. His social engagement starts in elementary school when he was a part of a team in a competition of CIVITAS project within subject civilian education. He continues his education in High school in Jablanica where he finishes first and second grade. After that, he applies for the student exchange KEPPAS project, funded by the EU and finishes third grade in Gorizia (Italy). Inspired with the intercultural learning, Faris continues his education in Prague (Czech Republic) as one of the participants AFS International Student Exchange Program. Rich of wonderful experiences, Faris comes back to Bosnia very motivated and decides to sign up to Burch University like his sister. He also speaks Czech, Slovakian and Italian, but also takes interests in German and French. He is our scholarship student who recently won the Idea Challenge start-up competition in Szeged (Hungary).

The Idea Challenge 2019 that took place in Szeged, Hungary gave an amazing opportunity to young creative individuals and teams coming from the V4 countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary) and from the Balkan (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Slovenia). Within 5 days, they were able to participate and present their full capabilities and creativity, providing solutions that have the chance to benefit to environment, society, and economy.
One of the main activities of the event was the opportunity to experience and feel how the corporate environment actually work. Sponsors and partners of this project presented to the participants an inside perspective, both professional bits of advice and personal experiences on how to start your own company.  

Why did you decide to study Economy at Burch University?

First of all, I love the idea that Burch University is going a step ahead of being an entrepreneur business school. Studying in English and being able to interactively learn at the highest standards worldwide and take courses which follow modern trends and developments in business education, attracted my attention. My sister also influenced my choice, since she was already studying Architecture at Burch University.

How did you discover the competition in Szeged?

My friend from the local NGO OKPIS who I volunteer within Jablanica sent me an online application. I filled it in and sent it hoping for the best. A few days later, I have received a notice of acceptance. My professors were very supportive and helped me through the process of preparation.

Who else was part of your team and what is the success that you archived?

Besides me, there were three other contestants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and one participant from Kosovo. Using different skill sets and teamwork we created Green City, the platform which offers many solutions to the emerging problems in the field of the environment and transportation, but with one mission to raise the awareness of the pollution and CO2 emission in the air that surrounds us and importance of using alternative means of transport. Our idea was awarded by the Szegedi Közlekedési Kft with 300.000 HUF and the possibility of further investment and cooperation.

Do you have a message for the students who are interested in start-up competitions?

Being a participant at the international start-up competition is not only an excellent experience, but also an amazing preparation and development of a young person to learn about himself, and also the environment with all the challenges of this great, unlimited world that we are offered. With these and similar projects, we are looking for a place in the world and expanding our possibilities.