BURCH Student in the Prestigious School of Molecular Biology in Serbia - International Burch University
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August 16, 2018
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BURCH Student in the Prestigious School of Molecular Biology in Serbia

The Petnica Research Institute (ISP) is an independent institution dealing with the development of scientific culture, scientific literacy, education, and culture. The activities of ISP are mostly focused on young people – students and students, as well as teacher training in new techniques, methods and contents in the field of science and technology.

As a part of the Astronomical Association Orion, he heard of the high-quality summer research schools from various fields of science: from cosmology to evolutionary biology, organized by Petnica. This year’s lecturers will be experts from top world educational institutions like Princeton, NASA, SETI Institute, CERN, Lomonosov, etc.

In addition to the schools offered by Petnica, and besides personal strong affinities towards Astro-science, he decided to apply for a contest in molecular genetics, and considering that he would like to study astrobiology for the future, this school provides the general biological background needed for many others, but also one so narrow science branch.

He said he was looking forward to meeting future colleagues, establishing connections with top scientists and, of course, practical knowledge that would be brought from Serbia home to Sarajevo.