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Burch Students Attend the English Language Festival



The main aim of the festival was to bring together students of English Department from various universities in the country, and help them build professional and friendly ties. Through sports, poetry, comedy, acting, and discussion, the students got the chance to meet, exchange experiences, and work together.

The first and second day were reserved for activities, including a poetry evening, football games, and a talent show, with stand-up comedians and singers. The morning of the third day participants got the chance to hear four interesting lectures revolving around the role of the non-native English Language teacher in the world of language education. Professor Akbarov, alongside Professor Sazdovska from the International Business School in Budapest, Professor Pirić from Zenica University, and Professor Sanja Josifović-Elezović from Banja Luka University, held a lecture on the given topic.

The festival was concluded with a certificate award ceremony and a round-table where the students and organizers reviewed the festival proceedings and talked about future events and possible improvements. The students also got advice on job opportunities, career prospects, and graduate studies from the assembled professors.

Representatives of the English Department would like to once more thank the organizers for their hospitality throughout the event.