BURCH Students BBQ - International Burch University
ICESoS Conference 2018: Tourism Can Become a Serious Development Resource and Economy Impeller in BiH
May 10, 2018
Chief of OSCE Mission to BiH Bruce G. Berton Visited Burch University
May 15, 2018

BURCH Students BBQ



The barbeque (BBQ), which was named “Students Barbeque”, gathered several hundred students, staff and guests who enjoyed the food prepared by our local barbeque masters, Amer Kurtović and Azrudin Koldžo, and served by our colleagues, Mersiha Jaskić and Emina Muzaferija.

Besides the BBQ ćevapi and sausages, those present had the opportunity to drink a sample of a unique Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most famous coffee – Vispak’s Zlatna džezva – from the largest coffee pot in the world. In addition, lemonade and refreshing Nova Vita drinks were available to the guests.

Additional fun was provided by the DJ team, composed of Isa Dukmenić and Armin Hodžić, who ensured that everyone’s favorite music was on at a time.

The event was supported financially and materially by International Burch University, Akova Impex, and Vispak. The Student Parliament thanks to all for their generous contributions.