BURCH Students Visiting Special Education Center "Mjedenica" - International Burch University

BURCH Students Visiting Special Education Center “Mjedenica”

A couple of days before the visit, the money donated by the students and the staff of Burch University was collected and the members made presents for 30 children, aged between 8 and 17 years. Upon their arrival at Zavod „Mjedenica“, the student on duty welcomed the members of SAFE and other students from Burch, after which he introduced them to other children and the staff of the Institute. The children didn’t hide their enthusiasm for the visitors, nor did the students who immediately started playing different games and activities that were fun for both the children and students.

Berina Sijerkić, a Burch student, organized the main activity that marked SAFE’s visit, which was the game of getting to know each other with the help of a clew, where the students and children from Institute „Mjedenica“ sat in the circle and each time they were thrown the clew they were asked to introduce themselves and then throw the clew to someone else in the circle.

„At the end of the game, as you can see in the photos from the gallery, we got a network of friendship, which we will surely remember for a long time. I really can’t describe how nice we felt during the visit and playtime at Zavod „Mjedenica“, and a special word of thanks goes to all the students and the staff of Burch, who participated in the organization of the visit, and the director Mirsada Čakal, who warmly greeted us and, at the end of our visit, honored us with the conversation through which we learned how this institution works and offered us the possibility of volunteering for them. By this means, I urge all those who have not visited „Mjedenica“ yet to do so as soon as possible, because the positive energy that those children have is what we need

to finally break the stigma towards children with special needs, which unfortunately still exists in B&H“, said the president of the Student Association of the Faculty of Education, Fatima Kovačević. 

„The visit to Institute of „Mjedenica“ wasn’t just an ordinary visit, but an important life lesson about the value of health, happiness, friendship, and all the other segments of life. We paid a visit to these wonderful children with the intention to make their day, but in fact, they were the ones who showed us how a single smile can affect all of us, and help us understand that we are obliged to be there for each other and realise we can succeed only if we stick together. We have made a network of friendship and I believe that we will be connected for a long time, and my colleagues and I are very pleased to plan another visit to the children at the Institute“, said Berina, who was very enthusiastic about the visit.