BURCH students won the 1st place on Regional Energy Forum in Tuzla - International Burch University
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June 8, 2017
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BURCH students won the 1st place on Regional Energy Forum in Tuzla



Regional Energy Forum, held in Tuzla, gathered engineers from many countries (Croatian, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, China, Finland, Polish, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and gave them opportunity to present their ideas for energy saving methods. It is important to note that out of twelve projects that took part in the competition, five of them were products of Burch University students´ work.

Jasna and Lejla, for the first time met on BOSEPO competition in high school, whose participation with their own projects made them both inspired to choose electronics as their field of study.

Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, country that has many unused potential, especially when it comes to energy generation, and their willingness to improve it are main sources of motivation for their active student life.

Although competition consisted of participants with more and real work experience, Jasna and Lejla’e project won since it is practical, affordable, innovative, and potentially very influential. Also, they both had great supporters for this project; Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasna Hivziefendć, who told them about the project and encouraged them to apply, and Dr. Edhem (Eddie) Čustović, who taught them about making good analysis which was required for having complete project of the optimum quality.

The project solved the problem of idle energy by using small wind turbines that would be very cheap and therefore affordable for underdeveloped countries. Their plan is to put them on edges of buildings where the wind combined with draft is the strongest and in this way whole infrastructure and transportation of the current would be much simpler and cheaper. The project has a great potential to be used since it is believed that price of current will increase over years.

BURCH students Edin Oštraković, Ermin Šunj, Almin Hasandić, Ahmed Bajek, Belmin Memišević, Sead Skopljak, Armin Halilović, Hikmet Muratović also  participated on REF in Tuzla, whose ideas and exposures got praise from the jury.

Rector of Burch University Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, sincerely congratuleated and expressed his gratitude to the students for winning the first place and expressed his further support.