BURCH Team Building at Mountain Bjelašnica - International Burch University

BURCH Team Building at Mountain Bjelašnica



In organization of Student Association of Faculty of Education (SAFE), friendly gatherings and team building continued on Saturday, January 7, 2017, with the planned trip to mountain Bjelašnica, near Sarajevo. Lesson learned from previous experience, this time, students and professors came prepared; all in warm clothes, shoes, gloves, warm hats and scarves, all intended for mountain hiking and skiing.

A few brave, somewhat silly, but adventurous, professors and students decided to go hiking to the top of the mountain. Temperature up was minus 25 degrees Celsius, plus strong and cold wind that could be felt on face and cheeks. Small icicles from such cold caught on lashes, as well as on the edges of clothing. Body couldn’t feel cold, probably due to walking and climbing up the mountain, adrenaline helped too.

Later on we all had a small snack and hot tea, which felt good after a successful expedition in conquering the peak of Bjelašnica. Students and professors had fun despite the coldest day on the mountain and successfully returned back to just slightly warmer Sarajevo.

Everyone agreed this was a successful team building adventure and arrangements for the new similar Burch family gatherings are already in process.