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BURCH University Founded a Business Incubator With Support from Ećo Company

The formal opening of the BURCH&Inside StartUp incubator, which will act as part of the BURCH Business Center will be held in April at the University. At that opportunity, the Rector of the International BURCH University Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman will and the director of Ećo Company Suad Ećo address those present. Ećo Company has been supporting different projects and offering sponsorment to univesities and other institutions of formal education for over 15 years.

Establishing the business incubator is the first step towards acheiving the vision of excellence in business and innovation, as well as the deveolopment of the Bosnian economy through creating new jobs through the development of projects in the incubator.

The BURCH&Inside StartUp incubator will function as a part of the BURCH Business Center (BBC) platform, whose prupose is connecting the university with the business sector. In that way, all students who start their own firm will be given free busines space for one year, which includes offices, a conference hall, meeting room, lounge bar, fitness center and more. Also, all firms will have free menetoring by the academic staff and access to over 50 firms that are members of the BURCH Business Center.

The director of Ećo Company, Suad Ećo, said that it is his pleasure that he is in an opportunity to sponsor and support a project that will facilitate the development of business ideas of young people and that the firm is open to cooperation and mentoring for all firms that are members of the incubator.

The director of BURCH Business Center, Doc. Dr. Nedim Čelebić addded that the business incubator is an example of BURCH University directly addressing the issue of the high unemployment rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to give young people an opportunity to realize their own ideas and get support from the entire infrastructure of the university and its partners.

Larisa Snegar, the founder of Design Factory d.o.o., the StartUp firm that will work in the framework of the business incubator concludes: „The incubator is a place that provides space  for inspiration and work with major experts which give us support in positive and friendly atmosphere, which is hard to come by in the business world today.“

The business incubator is a unique project in Bosnia and Herzegovina by which BURCH University ranks ahead of others, making a major and firm step towards solving a burning problem of unemployment in the country.