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BURCH University Gets a New Student Club

At today’s signing of the registration form and mailing the same to the adresses of the Student Parliament of International BURCH University and the Student Center, BURCH  Diplomacy Club finally came into existance officially.

BURCH  Diplomacy Club is designed exclusively for students of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, but other BURCH University students are welcome to participate in activities organized by BURCH  Diplomacy Club.

It has been acting independently since 2014. when the Department of International Relations and European Studies was first inaugrated and when the first generation started with lectures and, in those two years, has been transformed from an idea on paper into an organization under whose authority many events has been organized, namely the public lectures from the former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Haris Silajdžić and the OSCE ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Jonathan Moore.

The newly elected club president and first-year student of the aforementioned Department Amer Kurtović called on all members and other students „…to be actively involved in the newly planned activities of the club,“ and challanged all members to „…build a better organization upon the foundations that were left to us by our predecessors, which should be role models for us.“

On behalf of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, prof. dr. Adis Maksić said that the club has the full support of the Department and other organizations units of the Unitersity.

Cooperation between the BURCH  Diplomacy Club and the Business Development Club was announced during the manifestation, as well as the signing of an agreement later this month. Details were not divulged but are expected in the near future.

In the name of the Student Parliament, President Kemal Nedžibović welcomed BURCH Diplomacy Club into the family of already registered clubs at the International BURCH University, which is the only private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina which has student clubs as independent units of the University.