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March 11, 2016
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May 27, 2016

BURCH University Opened the First Students Business Incubator

The University, working with the domestic company Inside by Ećo, acting as BBC organized the formal opening of the first such StartUp incubator in the country.

Burch&Inside StartUp incubator for students will function as part of the Burch Business Center platform whose purpose is connecting the University with the business sector. With that, all students who start their own firm will have free access to business space for one year, which includes offices, a conference hall, meeting hall, lounge bar, fitness centar and more. Also, all firms will have an opportunity for free mentoring from the academic staff and access to over 50 member firms of the Burch Business Center.

„BURCH University started Burch Business Center with the goal of strengtening the cooperation between the University and the business community, so that the necessary infrastructure for the development of student Startup projects would be provided, so that the necessary support for the development of ideas would be secured. The creators of startup projects will be mentored and an opportunity for connecting btween Startup firms and member firms of the Bruch Business Center and the opportunity for cooperation created,“ said doc. Dr. Nedim Čelebić, the director of Burch Business Center.

„I’m glad that we’re here today, both professionally in front of our portal and privately. The opening of the incubator is of major significance to young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we’re those that need to support them and given them direction. I think it’s an excellent project and opportunity for success,“ said Azra Atagić-Ćatović, the director of Akta.ba portal.

The head of the Department of Finances and professor at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, Dr. Sead Kreso, said how this is a major step for BURCH and an example for all other universities how to motivate young people to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how it will help them in the realization of their ideas.

„I’m personally a witness of the progress of BURCH University, which gratifies me and makes me proud. I’m glad that the aim of the project is realized and that young people can use this ideas which should be an example for all universities,“ Dr. Sead Kreso said.

The founding of the business incubator is the first step toward realization of the vision of excellence in enterperneurship and innovation and being a contribution to the development of the Bosnian economy through projects that will be realized.