Burch University students at the third place on „Sarajevo Innovations Festival“ - International Burch University

Burch University students at the third place on „Sarajevo Innovations Festival“

On November 13, 2016, Association of Students of Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo „STELEKS“ held the festival of student’s project entitled “Sarajevo Innovations Festival”. The festival was addressed to students of Electrical Engineering and similar faculties in BiH, and the theme of work covered all areas of Electrical Engineering including Electronics, Automation, Energy, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

The Festival was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, from 12 to 13  November 2016. Professional evaluation of the projects was carried out by the commission consisting of professors and assistants at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. All projects that entered the selection are published in the Conference Proceedings, and the best three works took worth prizes and ensured participation to the IEEE SYPC 2016.

IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress 2016 is a platform for ongoing collaboration, allowing students and young profesionals to think creatively, develop new ideas and work with the IEEE global community to realise their dreams. Through a variety of technical and non technical workshops, industry lectures from global experts, professional networking and social events, students and young professionals will create new contacts, erase ethnic boundaries and develop collaborative relationships with industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world.

Creativity, imagination and technology have no boundaries. With this congress, the IEEE together with the students and young professionals will demonstrate commitment of empowering and inspiring the next generation of engineering and technology leaders, who will play a pivotal role in helping Bosnia and Herzegovina flourish.

The third place went to our students: Faruk Ćidić, Dalibor Đumić and Sead Banda with mentor Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić, with their stunning project called „Blink-controlled Virtual Keyboard“ while the first and the second place went to graduate students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo. Besides Burch University and Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, the festival was attended by students from Electrical Engineering Tuzla.

The Festival was a great opportunity for presenting the students’ work, where every participant at their stand presented their project to visitors of the Festival.

We congratulate to our students for their success!