Burch University Students’ Participants of Project Humanity in Action – Copenhagen - International Burch University
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June 19, 2017
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Burch University Students’ Participants of Project Humanity in Action – Copenhagen

One of Burch future young leaders is Anesa Opijač, a 2nd year student at department of English language and literature at the International Burch University. Anesa is one of 11 highly successful candidates from Bosnia and Herzegovina who were selected to participate in Humanity in Action – HIA Summer Fellowships. She will spend 5 weeks in Denmark attending lectures and promoting a dialogue about understanding and responding to the challenges that democratic countries face as they become more diverse societies.

Humanity in Action is an international non-profitable organization that aims to instill the values of human dignity and moral responsibility for the protection of the rights of minorities in a new generation of social, cultural and political leaders. Young leaders from the United States, Germany, Greece, Denmark, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are gathered in Copenhagen in order to be inspired in fulfilling moral responsibility to protect those in danger from institutionalized violations of minority rights. Humanity in Action seeks to strengthen the commitment of American and European university students to democratic values and foster their knowledge of resistance to intolerance – past and present.

Candidate selection process has been very demanding, however, through her hard work and devotion, Anesa has been chosen for the program, and she has received a chance to present her country, and her university, to the world and in the best light. Upon her return, she will be richer with more friendships, experience in a foreign country, international and multicultural awareness, as well as knowledge to protect minorities in today’s society, all of which she will share with her colleagues, professors, and friends.

Anesa is a role-model and a good example for young people today, who have dreams and wish to fulfill their goals. We wish her a lot of luck in Denmark, and hope that her accomplishment will be an encouraging message to all students: When you get a chance to participate in something good, take it, and that will be the first step towards your success!