BURCH University Students – SAFE Members On Humanitarian Campaign - International Burch University
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May 4, 2017
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BURCH University Students – SAFE Members On Humanitarian Campaign



In the previous period members of the association decided to organize a humanitarian campaign to raise money to fulfill its goals; make the oldest and the youngest happy. At the end of the month of April students rounded up this task by going to one of the socially vulnerable families in the area of Ilidža. A nine member family, who lives in very poor conditions, wholeheartedly welcomed our students.

With the amount collected, students purchased the necessary supplies. SAFE’s students started this path with a smile, but returned with an even bigger tenderness.

“Their smile drew ours as well”, said Berina Šijerkić, student at Burch University and a SAFE member. While there is will and our capability to help those in need, it is a sign that SAFE is a good association with humble members.

“On behalf of SAFE, thank you all, staff members and students,  for giving us the opportunity to collect money and for your support. That feeling when you make someone’s life better is unspeakable and I hope that we can and will write more of these beautiful stories in their lifes“, added Fatima Kovačević, president of SAFE association at BURCH University.