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BURCH University Students Visited Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Delegation of students lead by president of Business Development Club, Kanita Jahić, was consisted of following members of BDC: Amina Kahriman, Lamija Bišić, Emina Dželić, Idriz Avdić, Sabina Komić, and Berrin Soysal. Assistant to advisor of BDC, Ensar Mekić, and PR Manager, Jasmina Sinanović attended the event to support students’ delegation in this important event.

Delegation of students was welcomed by the president of the Chamber, Prof. Dr. Bruno Bojić, who briefed students about the history of Chamber, its purpose and importance for development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the visit, Dr. Bojić answered students’ questions adressing issues of students’ engagement in internships and processes important for their employment, the current situation of Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to business, and recent developments supported and realized by the Chamber. Dr. Bojić emphasized that young people should assure to be innovative, creative but also to be supportive and love their country. In addition, he mentioned importance of business ethics and multiculturalism as two very important factors for Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that students should be doing their best to be ethical in all aspects of their lifes. President of Chamber added that Bosnia and Herzegovina has good cooperation with foreign countries, and that Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of numerous international associations (Eurochambres, the International Chamber of Commerce ICC, ABC, FIATA, IRU, SECI) enabling it to successfully participate in various projects to strengthen and improve regional and international business cooperation. 

At the end, Dr. Bojić sent message to students that gaining knowledge is their key to be succesful in their future jobs. As a sign of appreciation, president of BDC, Kanita Jahić, handed a small gift on behalf of the Club to Foreign Trade Chamber president, Prof. Dr. Bruno Bojić.