Business Center “Performance Management” Seminar - International Burch University
Business Center: „Successful Sales“ Seminar
October 30, 2015
Business Seminar: Change Management by Aida Dolić
November 20, 2015

Business Center “Performance Management” Seminar



The aim of the seminar was to explain why it is important to manage the performance of employees; why  most companies are not satisfied with their management systems;how to successfully introduce and maintain a system of performance management and create an organizational culture based on performance.

Lecturer Mrs. SuzanaTihi-Babić spoke about the topics: how to manage human resources, what the manager has to know, performance analysis, goal setting, and monitoring, evaluating and rewarding performance.  In addition, all participants had the opportunity to actively participate during the seminar and were provided with methods and ways of working: PowerPoint presentations, concrete practical examples and interactive communication.

Mr. sci. SuzanaTihi-Babić has been working as Head of Human Resources of ASA Group for the past eight years, and is responsible for the field of HRM for 20 members of the Group and 520 employees. Prior to that, she worked at Coca-Cola HBC BH doo Sarajevo in the department of human resources for six years, from the position of HR Specialist to the position of HR Supervisor. Before beginning her career in the HRM business areas, she gained work experience through leading bookstore that was selling foreign literature, in the library of the Institute of Economic Sciences and in NUBBIH.

In 1991, she graduated at Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, Department of General Literature and Library. She gained master degree at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo in 2011, and the topic of her work was: “Human Resources Management – Theoretical aspects and practical experience of companies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina”. She is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo and regularly participates at HR conferences and relevant workshops as lecturer or panelist.

 Suzana is a certified trainer for various development programs of employees, and has extensive experience in planning and conducting training.

In 2014, experts in the field of human resource management have initiated and formed the HR Association, and SuzanaTihi-Babić was elected as president. Another fact that is worth mentioning is her membership in the Association of MBA in BiH.