Business Center: „Successful Sales“ Seminar - International Burch University
“Building a brand in the Nestle Way”
April 29, 2015
Business Center “Performance Management” Seminar
November 13, 2015

Business Center: „Successful Sales“ Seminar



The aim of the seminar is the organizing and functioning of the successful sales of the company, in order to achieve the strategic directions and as profitable business as possible. Instructor Dr. Sc Suad Mahmić gave a lecture about different themes: How to improve sales and enhance the sales results; alternative ways of selling (e-channels, CRM, Contact center, agents), Coaching and Lean, Six Sigma and QM (Quality Management). Besides that, the seminar participants are provided methods and ways of working: Powerpoint presentations, practical examples and Interactive Communication.

Last  year Dr. Sc. Suad Mahmić was named the Executive Director in „Asseco SEE“ doo Sarajevo, one of the biggest IT companies in Europe, dealing with  sales and maintenance of different SW solutions (Bosnian largest partners are banks). Proir to  that, Mr. Suad worked for 15 years in the banking sector (in the two largest banks in Bosnia and Hercegovina), from being a Deputy Director of the office branch to Head Office director. In addition to that, he was the head of the customs office and senior assistant at the university, market and traffic inspector, and teacher at a  high school.  He graduated at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, he got his masters at the Faculty of Transportion in Belgrade and PhD, at his doctoral degrees at the Belgrade Banking Academy, a faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance and acquired a scientific degree for Doctor of Economic Sciences.  Furthermore, he used to be an internal trainer  in various programs of sales and a lecturer in training of the sales staff in insurance.

The next seminar BBC entitled „Business Intelligence in the context of business of decision support and the basics of the science of information“ is planned for 06.11.2015, which will be presented by Mr. Sci. Zana Pekmez.