Business Seminar: Change Management by Aida Dolić - International Burch University
Business Center “Performance Management” Seminar
November 13, 2015
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December 9, 2015

Business Seminar: Change Management by Aida Dolić



Managers are supposed to master various skills out of which one is of great importance; change management. Changes are constantly influenced by internal and external factors, therefore it is necessary to know how to master change management skill. This workshop’s focus is based on Kotter’s phases of monitoring process with practical solutions from companies from and outside of BiH.

During the seminar, it was discussed what “change” actually  is; when should we decide to switch to another (new) direction; what are the effects of change; change implementation phases as well as “project” as a tool for change implementation”.

The target group of this seminar are all-level managers, HR departments employees, as well as enterpreuners and company owners.

Participants were actively engaged in the seminar trough discussions and other forms of practice. 

 Mrs.Aida Dolic, psychologist, therapist, owner and director of TCC doo. TCC starts its work in 2007, since when she has achieved an enviable reference list which includes: Energopetrol, Konzum, Britsh Embassy in Sarajevo, Imperial TOBACOO, Fedex, Communis, Mita group, XY Association, Privredna banka, OSCE, Mtel, CSA… Mrs. Aida Dolić is certified trainer and consultant in the field of HR. The primary commitment is a combination of psychology and management through the delivery of training that are interactive type. She is a member of the HRM Association, EMCC, AMCHAM, the Association of trainers and consultants EUTAC. Whole experience in the field of training reachesto 10 years. She is actively involved as a senior experton EU projects, UNDP, GIZ. especially in projects of lifelong learning and employment.