Celebration of International Students Day - International Burch University

Celebration of International Students Day

Audience was first addressed by Vice-Rector and event coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov, who said that this is a celebration of diversity and cooperation among students at Burch University coming from 24 countries in the world, which is important part of the student activism and investing in young leaders.

Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu welcomed guests and congratulated all young people who were bold and ready enough to go across world searching for excellent education, which will enable them to have good life. He promised that using personal experience staff will provide students with all help in order to achieve academic success and personal growth. Also Rector Uzunoğlu thanked all international students participating 3rd International Students Day for their efforts in organization.

Ambassador of Republic of Croatia, H.E. Ivan Del Vechio said that student have the mission of gathering knowledge and experience that they will use for creating opportunities for other peoples progress and enjoying the life. He also stated that uniqueness is the most important thing nowadays, and that Burch University with its events and future projects as Techno Park and business incubator has proven it is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s education.

Ambassador of Indonesia, H.E. Subijaksono Sujono was glad to attend the celebration,  stating that for now there is only one Indonesian student at Burch University, but H.E. hopes that there will be more in the future, as exchange of the ideas and knowledge is very good opportunity.

After the addressing part Rector Prof.Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu and H.E. Subijaksono Sujono opened Photo Contest Exhibition and awarded three best photos:

3rd. Lejla Kargić “A Moment before the Wind blows me away”

2nd. Semir Čavkić “Prevent the Birds from going South – and summer lasts Forever”

1st. Mustafa Kukuruzović “For some it’s stopped; for others it’s Just Began”

Final part of the International Students Day celebration was sightseeing of the stands of different nationalities, interaction of students and tasting national cuisine.