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CHALLENGERS and GIANTS race for autonomous vehicles



The future of autonomous vehicles is split between challengers developing their own technology and existing automotive manufactures partnering with tech firms.

The established car giants are increasingly catching up to challengers by investing in autonomous vehicle technology from partners. Competition to achieve such a service is fierce, with big players including the likes of the Alphabet Inc-Owned Waymo and Tesla on the disruptor side, while existing giants are tending to partner with smaller companies to benefit from their technologies. The eventual goal is an autonomous vehicle at level 5 of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Levels of Driving Automation Standard, representing complete autonomy at all times.

Such collaboration represents a counter to the growing dominance of challenger automotive companies such as Tesla, who have been able to create enormous company value on the basis of the technology integrated into their vehicles rather than the volume produced, accordingly becoming the most valuable car manufacturer in the world.


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